1-2-1 Training (CEOs and Executives):

1-2-1 Training (CEOs and Executives):

Statistics show that CEOs/Executives engagements on social media platforms have doubled-up in 2017 and will increase in the years ahead. However, when flicking through profiles and seeing their strategies for using social media platform they often looked more CV-like and do not really focus on establishing connections and sparking discussions with like-minded personas. Your social media profile tells a lot about you and its your opportunity to tell a story about your company and you personally besides starting a channel of communication with any targeted and potential markets.

A professional approach is required to help create a connection with peers in a specified market and followers, along with utilising keywords to the maximum where people can look you up based on specific areas of interest, industry or language. Breathing Digital offers a bespoke consultation for CEOs and Executives to establish the necessary steps to achieving a top-notch online presence.

Breathing Digital also offers Digital Media Skills and Social Media Training to your team upon your request. Our trainers have been in the Digital Marketing field for +10 years and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

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Why digital transformation

Employees are demanding change

It’s a cliché but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true: a business’s staff are its greatest assets. While the Internet Age has transformed the demands and expectations of customers, it has done the same for employees.

For customers, it’s all about the user experience

Whether it’s through a company’s app on their phone, a website visit or an automated phone call, digital is now firmly at the heart of the consumer’s experience with your brand.

Data and analytics reign supreme

Those vital digital interactions with your customers generate and rely on an increasing volume of all-important data

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