Breathing Music

Breathing Music

Breathing Music is the Audio/Video department of Breathing Digital where all the magical production happens from sound waves getting edited, video rushes colour corrected, ideas generated to post-production stages.

With top of the range studio equipment, elite digital audio workstations and Video editing suits, we can assure you that our delivery will exceed your expectations and our team will flawlessly give you the creative edge you always dreamed of.

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Music, Videos & More..

Breathing Music consists of sound and music producers, engineers and video producers currently based in the United Kingdom, United States and France but operating internationally.

Whether you are looking to get your short documentary colour corrected, a set of original music tracks or special sound effects composed for you, then you are in the right place.

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Breathing Music Services

Audio Production

Music composition & arrangement
Mixing and Mastering
Podcast production & Voice Over
Radio Jingles/Beds/Breaks/Identity/Sonic Logos
Shariah compliant soundtracks

Music composition & arrangement is the art of picking the right instruments and playing a particular note to convey the required feeling.


Throughout the years our team of composers and arrangers have mastered the art of processing and creating the right structure for any musical piece in any genre. Jazz, Rock, Classic, Blues, House, Techno, Hip-hop, Soul, Dubstep, Instrumental, Ambient…

You name it, we produce it


Audio mixing is the process of taking recorded tracks and blending them together. Tracks are mixed using various processes such as EQ, Compression and Reverb. The goal of mixing is to bring out the best in your multi-track recording by adjusting levels, panning, and time-based effects (chorus, reverb, delay).


Mastering comes after to make sure the track is polished and each track laid down properly in the final mix to sound great. Why spend time on this lengthy process if we can do it for you. Focus on your music and ideas and let us do the rest for you.


Podcasting is a one of the major trends and a fantastic way to get your personality and your ideas out into the world. 



Breathing Music offers the most robust selection of services that you will find and delivered by a team of experts. We will help you from A to Z, whether its noise reduction, compression, equalisation or effects, we will make your podcast sound professional.



Confused about commercial radio jingles, breaks for your show, sonic logo identity for your products or company?


Any element that comes to mind, Breathing Music will take care of the job.

We understand that Music is a controversial topic in Islam, hence there is a strong tradition of a Capella singing – generally referred to as (Aha’at), along with few wind instruments and drums such as Bendir and Daff.


If you are looking for Shariah-compliant soundtracks to be used as breaks, programmes intros/outros, your presentation or any other materials. Breathing Music is fully equipped to produce what you are looking for.

Video production

Info-graphics and Motion-graphics
Whiteboard Animations
Videos for Businesses
Video Production



What’s better than visualising complex data and information in an eye-catching, shareable and easily digestible way?


We are all tired of the same 25 boring PowerPoint templates which got used over a million times within 2 miles’ radius.


Breathing Music plays a crucial role in producing elite and attractive designs which can help you to break free from the never-ending chunky text blocks.

We have +hundreds of customised designs elements to suit your needs, allowing you to present your data and convey the message in a striking way.

Also known as explainer video, speed-draw, sketch video or video scribing, is an engaging new way of storytelling and one of the best techniques to communicate information by combining voiceover with animated illustrations. This powerful style is particularly well suited for contents that are dry or difficult to understand.

Producing whiteboard animations can be costly due to the gears and time necessary to come up with a professional animation.


However, Breathing Music will be part of all the stages from writing the script, recording the voiceover, creating initial imagery and arranging them, creating guides, recording the video, syncing audio and video, composing original music soundtrack and finally rendering and delivering your video. Needless to say, this kind of animation can be useful in a number of situations, from marketing and communications to training and elsewhere.

There is an inevitable rise in the way videos are shaping up the way businesses communicate with each other or the way they launch a product or even explain its features to customers.


Videos are not only can be promotional and used in B2B, B2C, B2G environments, but also in the third sector to highlight a certain cause or a campaign. If 87% of online marketers use video contents and 1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos. Then what are you waiting for?


Corporate, Commercial, Promotional presentations, reports formatting. Every video serves a purpose, so if you are not sure which one fits your needs, no worries, this is why our team is available to talk you through each and every one of them.


Those words might sound easy and straightforward but certainly the job is tougher and holds a lot of detailed and delicate tasks. Going through the vast amount of rushes and after picking the right shots, comes levelling, colour grading and correction.


Breathing Music will not only offer an elite video production services but we can offer you a selection of logo openers, revealers and 1/3rds. Using the latest elite production and post-production suites we guarantee 100% satisfaction.