Web Services

Web Services

Breathing Digital provides elite web development services tailored to suit your needs.

Hosting and Design

So you are going to launch your business and you are looking for the best offer to get your domain booked, website hosted and designed. Yes, and you heard a lot of scary words and terms: Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, Magento and Drupal but which one will you go for?
No doubt it is a lengthy process and it has never been a straightforward one. However, when you have experts who do this multiple times on daily basis things can go smoother than you can imagine.
Our team of specialists can help you from scratch to strategically plan and customise your website to ensure that you will be achieving maximum results.

Analytics, Metrics and Insights

Everyone talks about Google Analytics and generally, the majority of people can plug in codes in the dashboard of your website and hand over Google Analytics account. But nobody will tell you the tips and tricks, the vital information you have to know in order to reach out better to your targeted audience.
We will conduct a variety of tests such as Responsivity test and Optimisation test to make sure your website is fit and healthy enough to be cashed by search engines and we will ensure that user experience (UX) and the journey are easy and planned.


Digging in Search engine optimisation, results pages and conversion rate optimisation is like diving in a murky and deep ocean. It is not only the knowledge we possess but the right techniques to accommodate the fast-paced changes in this field to your website.
Hear us out: The 101 of any SEO strategy should be split into two separate and clear areas. Online and Offline.
Offline one is basically the brilliant stuff we do while building your site. The online one is the magic we do – (even better) – after you launch your website and go live. We can help you with everything digital you have heard of such as and not limited to: wining Blog Posts, unbeatable landing pages, Email Campaigns, Google Plus, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat campaigns.
What makes Breathing Digital different from other agencies when it comes to content marketing services is the ruthless drive to maximise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) results.
We are continuously working with clients to harness possible opportunities for intelligent linking – achieving links on media platforms and well-written blogs to boost search engines cashing process. We also guarantee that your content will contain not only strong but the right calls-to-action, which will ultimately drive the right leads into your sales funnel.
But you know what! Let’s talk