Yamen Al Yamani

Yamen currently lives in France and xxxxxx


Yamen’s education
Bachelor of Music 2002-2007
Graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus.

Specialisation: Cello instrument.


Instruments he can play:


Favourite genres: Rock , Pop la la la







Work background

Immersion at Shaman Studio, Bordeaux- France

Music composer/Production Specialist – Qatar Foundation Radio, Doha-Qatar

Producing themes and brand identity for multiple Radio stations

Composing music and arranging for promos, commercial ads, programs and series.

Composer, Arranger – Art Ware Corp

Producing theme and brand identity for TV and Radio stations

Composer/ Production Manger – Radio Fann

Composing music and arranging for commercial ads, movies and series.

Favorite DAWs: Logic Pro x, Logic Pro 9, Dalet DMS, Cubase, Reason and Adobe Audition.